Principle of Suber Equivalence

Any sufficiently advanced metagame is indistinguishable from Nomic.


5 thoughts on “Principle of Suber Equivalence

  1. loved your book!

    Loved your book. Built my version of the Exo-self and
    other things!

    Dave Barber
    Albuquerque, NM


  2. hey, so we meet again 🙂

    i see you’re still into board games. that’s nice.. i’ve moved on though.

    i owe you 25 bucks. i can totally afford it now, so let me know where i can send a check or paypal or whatever. thanks!


    • Hey, Arvind! Nice to hear from you. Glad you’re doing well. It took me a minute to figure out who this guy was who claimed he owed me 25 bucks. 🙂 If you like, you can PayPal it to

      You’ll come back to games eventually. How else will you structure your time when you have 100 billion years ahead of you? Read The Immortalist by Alan Harrington.




      • done.

        yeah, i’m familiar with the idea, even though i hvaen’t read that book. sci-fi tends to work form a smallish repository of concepts 🙂 worse, i fear that the universe will itself turn out to be a game with no particular purpose 😦


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