Thoughts on the vice-presidential debate

These are notes I jotted down while watching Joe Biden debate Sarah Palin tonight:

  • Paraphrasing Palin: "I may not be able to answer any questions, but doggone it, I can stick to my script!"
  • She can’t stay on the fucking subject.
  • She’s babbling again.
  • It’s good to know McCain and Palin won’t forbid gay people from making and signing contracts. Um, was that even on the table?
  • The press will roast her for repeatedly changing the subject and keeping to her script.
  • She’s temporizing. Biden is eviscerating her.
  • I never thought I’d think of "adorable" as a hateful word.
  • OK, so being a mom qualifies her to be the Vice President? Also, how is Alaska part of the "heartland"?

5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the vice-presidential debate

    • Re: Sadly, it was indeed on the table

      Crap in a pudding cup, you’re right! From your link:

      “Their lawyers concluded that the amendment could be interpreted by Virginia courts to… prevent the courts from enforcing… end-of-life arrangements, such as wills, trusts and advance medical directives, executed by unmarried couples.”

      Thank you for that dose of reality, sir, may I have another?


    • A human Markov chain, but with less wit and charm. We can hope that by 2012 or 2016, she’ll have lost her looks, and the only reason most people seem to care about her (most men, anyway) will evaporate.

      I’m glad you enjoyed MPH. I’ve bookmarked your LJ and will check out your Twitter feed too.


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