Second #Scrumble round begins

The second Scrumble round begins.

 I, Stormhair Rainbowbeard, hoist a thimble of glowing neophilia serum
to toast the principle of early adoption. If some folks weren’t
willing to try new systems that might work only halfway, technology
would slow and stop. Skål!

 And I lift Robbie Burns’s original cup of kindness to my
short-duration personal saviors Limbic and Lion, who embodied the
principle of early adoption when they courageously jumped skull-first
into Scrumble. Skål!

 And I lift a tumbler filled with “a bracing mixture of Confidence and
Optimism” to myself, for fulfilling
both of my pledges to (1) read the latest MoinMoin documentation
before the next scrumble, so as to reinstall the Mentat Wiki (there
were something like 150 pages of close print), and (2) read and
comment on any hack drafts that people send me, also before the next
scrumble. Skål! +2 to Stormhair Rainbowbeard.

 I also boast that Lion submitted his hack to me by 10 PM on the night
indicated. +1 to Lion.

 Woe to Limbic, for he did not submit his hack by his self-imposed
deadline, and scores a -1. The mere attempt was a mighty deed,
however, and he finished it a few days later.

 Since everyone started with 0, the scores now stand as follows:

 Stormhair: +2
Lion: +1
Limbic: -1
Everyone else: 0

 (New rule: the old Scrumblegiver calculates the scores, and the new
Scrumblegiver announces them during the next boasting round. In this
case, I’m both. It’s not surprising that the major stakeholder in the
project is scoring most of the points and continuing as

 Last, I lift a hefty crystal goblet with 13 grams of lysergic acid
diethylamide dissolved in champagne — enough to get me committed, for
commitment is the name of this game — to pledge my oaths, which I
will fulfill by the next scrumble round:

 1. I will write a Great Tale, with a lesser tale for everyone
partaking in the scrumble.
2. As before, I will comment on all hacks submitted to me. (Lion and
Limbic, check your hacks in Google Docs for my existing comments.)
3. I will submit at least two hack drafts to Marty, whether new, or
revised per her previous comments.

 Let this magic mead horn now pass from me…


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