wiki status update, 27 May

The wikis went down on 9 May. After several false starts, I
think I have a sound plan to restore them, but it won’t happen until
this weekend (30-31 May) because of time constraints.

 All wikis on, including the Mentat Wiki and the Piecepack
Wiki, will be migrating from MoinMoin software
( to OddMuse software

 MoinMoin served us well for several years, but it is an overly complex
package and very difficult to maintain, upgrade, and — as it happens
— restore from backup.

 OddMuse is simple, robust, up-to-date, and has excellent antispam
measures. It can do just about everything our old software did and
more, including importing our old wiki pages, unchanged. No one I know
who has ever migrated from MoinMoin to OddMuse has regretted it.

 I will do everything I can to make the migration smooth, but wiki
users will probably have to touch up pages here and there. I will do
so as well. However, I am going to need a substantial stretch of
uninterrupted time to make this happen, and that’s why the migration
must wait until the weekend.

 Thanks for your understanding. I hope that when this is over, the wikis will be even more fun and useful than they were.

 Ron Hale-Evans


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