#Scrumble round 3 begins

Once again, gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines, let’s get ready
to scrumble!

 For those who are just joining us, Scrumble is a productivity
technique from the upcoming book Mind Agility Hacks, sequel to Mind
Performance Hacks. These are the short rules for your part in a round:

 1. Toast a god or principle you believe in.
2. Toast a hero, a person who embodies those principles.
3. Boast about one or more of your accomplishments.
4. Swear an oath that you’ll accomplish one or more deeds.

 For every deed you accomplish by the next scrumble round, you gain 1
honor. For every deed you don’t, you lose 1 honor.

 That’s it. The current full rules are here:



 Now I, Stormhair Rainbowbeard, Scrumblegiver, toast the principle of
persistence with this 128-ounce Super Big Gulp of coffee-flavored
1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, trimethylxanthine, theine, methyltheobromine,
for it is only persistence and coffee that have gotten me through the
last few hellweeks of trying to restore the Mentat Wiki and four
others, while working full time, commuting three hours a day, and
desperately trying to write Mind Agility Hacks as well.

 And I, Stormhair Rainbowbeard, Scrumblegiver, toast every human being,
alive or dead, who has ever made it through a day- or week-long
meditation retreat, with her legs falling asleep, and back aching, and
brain falling asleep, and mind aching, without screaming. I toast them
all — and all sentient beings — with this demitasse of green tea.

 And I, Stormhair Rainbowbeard, Scrumblegiver, boast with this jug of
white lightning, which contains every color of the rainbow in my
mighty beard, that I have fullfilled two of the three oaths I swore at
the last scrumble: (1) to comment on all hacks submitted to me, and
(2) to submit two hack drafts to Marty (Mediate Your Environment and
Roll the Mental Dice). However, I failed at my oath to write a Great
Tale, with a lesser tale for everyone in the Scrumble. Thus:

 Previous score = +2
Fulfilling two oaths = +2
Failing one oath = -1
TOTAL = +3

 And I boast that although I have not completed many hacks since the
last scrumble, yet I broadly continue to add material to existing
hacks, and shall continue to do so.

 And I boast that my comrade in arms Yatima has fulfilled his oath to
address issues in the Enter the Third Dimension hack, adding material,
and beginning has draft, before the end of Thor’s day, 28 May 2009.
One point of honor to Yatima, for a total of +1!

 And I boast that my comrade in arms Limbic has completed a draft of
his Take a Semantic Pause hack, as he swore he would in our first
scrumble. Alas, he didn’t boast he would do so beforehand, so gains no
points of honor. His score remains -1.

 And I weep into my cup that Lion scores -2 this round, for a total of
-2, for failing to fulfill his two oaths, of (1) providing graphics
for his marginalia hack and completing the second draft, and (2)
submitting the draft of a second hack. I note that part of the problem
was Google Docs, which was down when Lion had time to work on his
hacks, although the current scrumble round was extended for just that
reason. I also note that he can retroactively change his -2 honor to a
+1 or +2 if he actually did his work offline while Google Docs was
down, and can get it to me soon.

 Thus, the scores are as follows:

 Stormhair = +3 (continues to be Scrumblegiver)
Yatima = +1
Limbic = -1
Lion = -2

 And finally, I, Stormhair Rainbowbeard, Scrumblegiver, swear by this
goblet of Iw HIq, or Klingon blood wine (because I’m on a conlang
kick), that I shall do the following mighty deeds by the next scrumble

 1. As I failed to last time, I will write a Great Tale, with a lesser
tale for everyone partaking in the scrumble.
2. I will submit at least three hack drafts to Marty, whether new, or
revised per her previous comments.
3. I will transcribe all of my notes for the book from the month of
May, and then remain current.
4. I will create a page for Mind Agility Hacks on the Mentat Wiki.
5. I will pester everyone who has agreed to scrumble but has not yet
joined us at the feasting table.
6. I will upgrade my new netbook, which just returned after a 10-day
keyboard repair, to Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix, so that it is a worthy
tool for writing on the road, and does not hang on an hourly basis, as
it does with the factory-installed OS.

 All drink! Skål!

 The Scrumblegiver


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