#Scrumble round 3 update (retry)

Sigh… Please pardon my itchy pinky finger, which fired this message
off before I was done. Starting again…


 Hail, Scrumblers!

 If you are seeing this in email and not in Twitter, it may be because
you’re not checking Twitter for the #scrumble hashtag. It is as easy
as pi (the first three digits anyway) to go to Twitter.com, search for
#scrumble in the right pane, and make your search permanent. Then
check back every couple of days. Please. Scrumble is a Twitter
experiment, so why should we have to rely on Web 0.0 technologies like
creating a mailing list to stay current? If you’re a Twitter hater or
something, make a special account just for Scrumble, then delete it
when we’re done. Please. Think of my puppies.

 Enough. Now, I made a mistake in my last post
(http://rwhe.posterous.com/scrumble-round-3-begins) when I said Lion
had 0 at the end of Round 1, so he was down to -2 points at the end of
Round 2. In fact, he already had 1 point, so it’s not quite so bad.

 Also, partially in recognition of the fact that it’s hard to reward
people over the Net (what have I got that Google hasn’t got?), I’ve
added the following rule:


 At her discretion, a Scrumblegiver may award a point of honor to a
player for a mighty deed he performed on the previous round, but which
he neglected to pledge beforehand. The Scrumblegiver may award
multiple points, but only one per deed from the previous round.


 I am hereby awarding Limbic a point for his doughty efforts on “Take a
Semantic Pause” last round (and truth to tell, from before Scrumble
started). He’s just had bad timing, failing to pledge his deeds before
he does them. He’s back up to 0.

 The revised scores stand as follows.

 Stormhair = +3 (continues to be Scrumblegiver)
Yatima = +1
Limbic = 0
Lion = -1

 That’s it for now, but remember, as your local public radio tells you…

 …It’s not too late to pledge.




One thought on “#Scrumble round 3 update (retry)

  1. I guess we’re not far enough into Zimbardo’s experiment that we ethically have to stop it now. {;D}=


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