Quick #Scrumble update

Quick update for Scrumbleteers–

 The next Scrumble round will begin Saturday, 4 July at 0:00 Pacific
Time, or 8:00 GMT.

 For people looking for a hard and fast deadline, Marty and I sat down
tonight and estimated how far out we need to move the first milestone.
We’re probably looking at late July as a date when your hacks must be
finished to be part of the first batch, but we need to confirm that
with O’Reilly. We’ll get back to you soonest. We are reading and
editing your hacks!

 I thought people would like to know that the Scrumblers working on
Mind Agility Hacks are on the whole hugely more productive than the
non-Scrumblers by some metrics. Whether this is because Scrumble makes
you productive, or because productive people love to play Scrumble, is
hard to say, but hard figures are forthcoming in the book.

 Make the enemies of Scrumble tremble, O ye mighty!

 Stormhair Rainbowbeard


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