Mind Agility Hacks #Scrumble round 4 begins

It scrumbles when it comes scrumbling time…

 For those who are just joining us, Scrumble is a productivity
technique from the upcoming book Mind Agility Hacks, sequel to Mind
Performance Hacks. These are the short rules for your part in a round,
as played online:

 1. Toast a god or principle you believe in.
2. Toast a hero, a person who embodies those principles.
3. Boast about one or more of your accomplishments.
4. Swear an oath that you’ll accomplish one or more deeds.

 For every deed you accomplish by the next scrumble round, you gain 1
point of honor. For every deed you don’t, you lose 1 point of honor.

 The more outrageous your tipple in our virtual Valhalla, the better.

 That’s it. The current full rules are here:



 Hail, fellow scrumblers, virtually met! The beginning of Round 3 was
almost a month ago, so we’re overdue for Round 4. Let’s get right to
the toasts, boasts, and oaths.

 I, Stormhair Rainbowbeard, Scrumblegiver, toast the principle of
reboots and do-overs, with a round of cold Seattle microbrews in
megaportions for everyone at the scrumble table. Without this
aeon-honored principle, we’d require a time machine to make the first
milestone of our book, which was originally in May.

 And I, Stormhair, hoist a crate of warm Duff Beer to the writers of
The Simpsons, masters of the reset button
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Principal_and_the_Pauper). But at
least one of those beers belongs to Simon St.Laurent, our editor at
O’Reilly, who gave us all the time we needed when we asked for an
extension to our original deadlines. Let’s not blow the new ones!

 And I, Stormhair, toast myself with a cold peyote malt in a glass with
one of those metal shakers on the side, because I can boast that of
the six deeds I pledged to do last round, I have accomplished five, to

 1. Write a Great Tale.
Done. Read this!

 2. Submit at least three hack drafts to Marty, whether new, or
revised per her previous comments.

 3. Transcribe my notes from the month of
May, and then remain current.
Not done.

 4. Create a page for Mind Agility Hacks on the Mentat Wiki.
Done! http://www.ludism.org/mentat/MindAgilityHacks

 5. Pester everyone who has agreed to scrumble but has not yet
joined us at the feasting table.
Done! And most of you (everyone who replied, in fact) want to move to
a mailing list instead of Twitter.

 6. Upgrade my new netbook, which just returned after a 10-day
keyboard repair, to Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix, so that it is a worthy
tool for writing…
Done! It works much better now.

 Old score = +3
Deeds done = +5
Deeds undone = -1
New total: +7

 And I order a second straw from the soda jerk for Limbic, who
submitted the next draft of his hack in a timely way, thereby
obtaining 1 point of honor for a total of +1.

 And I order a third straw from the soda jerk for Lion, who started
with -1 but vowed this:

 And I swear to scan the necessary images for the chapter,
  and I swear to work in the fixes granted by Marty & Ron,
  and I swear to write a draft chapter on my present notekeeping system.

 He did all three things, so +3 is added to his -1 for a total of +2
points of honor.

 Finally, I order a fourth straw from the soda jerk for Yatima, who
basically vowed to get started on his hack. This he did, so he moved
from +1 to +2 points of honor.

 Scores now stand as follows:

 Stormhair: +7
Lion: +2
Yatima: +2
Limbic: +1

 And after that peyote milkshake, I invite my fellow scrumblers to
partake of some Klatchian Coffee straight from the Discworld
(http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KlatchianCoffee), so we
all get, well, not necessarily _knurd_, but pig-ugly. And in this
hypersober state, with clear eyes, I pledge to do these things by the
next scrumble round, which will begin at 00:00 Pacific (08:00 UTC) on
Saturday, 11 July 2009:

 1. Submit a complete draft of “Think Clearly About Simple Errors” to Martania.

 2. Submit a complete draft of “Abduct Your Conclusions” to Martania.

 3. Comment in Google Docs on all drafts currently submitted to me and Martania.

 4. Transcribe all my MAH notes from May.

 5. Transcribe all my MAH notes from June.

 6. Start a mailing list for MAH and Scrumble communication instead of
Twitter, and invite everyone who’s getting this email.

 I will be on vacation from 10-19 July and will do nothing other than
watch our dogs and write in solitude. That period will probably mark
Scrumble Round 5.

 Please read the Great Tale above if you haven’t yet, because it’s our
new battle plan, and feel free to add to the Mind Agility Hacks page
on the Mentat Wiki.

 Now let’s hear some mighty oaths!


 Stormhair Rainbowbeard


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