Mind Agility Hacks status / Scrumble round 5 starts

Just to show it can be done, I’ll keep this scrumble short.

 Rules: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddsh3td8_178qnmtk2f6&invite=897863999

 I, Stormhair, lift my shotglass of liquid grim determination (name
your poison — whatever gets you through the night, etc.) to the
principle of hunkering down to hard work.

 I, Stormhair, toast my hero Gene Wolfe, who embodies that principle,
having written a page a day for many years, until he wrote his way out
of a day job as an engineer into a career as a full-time science
fiction author.

 I, Stormhair, boast that since this round began, I have completed
three of the five deeds I pledged. I transcribed all my notes and
commented on all drafts submitted to me, but did not submit my own two
drafts to edit. My score for this round is therefore 3 – 2 = 1, for a
total of 8. No other players pledged or scored anything, so their
scores remain:

 Lion: 2
Yatima: 2
Limbic: 1

 I, Stormhair, pledge that before the next round begins at **midnight
Pacific (08:00 UTC), Monday, 20 July**, I will have drafts of all 14
hacks in my Tale ready for edit.

 Great Tale: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=ddsh3td8_187dksrffhh&invite=fgt7nw8

 One final thing: if you’re an MAH contributor who’s receiving this
email but hasn’t subscribed to the mailing list — why not? OK, one of
you is on safari in South Africa. What about the other two? Expect a
second invitation soon.

 Thanks, and keep up (or start) the good work!



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