Ronmondo, the wacky "would Ron rather…?" game, part 2

Part 1 is here:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: M. Hale-Evans
Date: Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 11:25 PM
Subject: Ronmondo – answers and scores!
To: (redacted)

 Thanks to all players!

 1.      Would Ron rather eat a bowl of premium fruity ice cream (such as
strawberry or peach) OR a bowl of cheap chocolate ice cream?
RON SAYS: Chocolate
“Biting frozen fruit is like fingernails on a blackboard – I’m getting
shivers thinking about it.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Pam, Keith, Mel (clean sweep!)

 2.      Would Ron rather work as a full-time author with carte blanche on
what to write and guaranteed publishing, but in a room full of
distracting dorks (without blocking headphones) OR as a high-salaried
Microsoft marketing executive with a private office?
RON SAYS: Author
“To me, it’s all about the results more than the conditions.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Darl, John, Pam, Keith, Mel

 3.      Would Ron rather be a low-level Army officer OR the assistant
manager of a Mafia-run puppy mill?
RON SAYS: Puppy mill
“I’d rather be breeding puppies than killing humans, thereby
conceivably making someone happy, and I don’t want to be a part in a
machine gun.”
Got it right: Darl, John, Pam, Keith, Mel

 4.      Would Ron rather have his brain replaced by a supercomputer OR have
his current brain implanted in the body of a robot?
RON SAYS: Brain replaced by a computer
“I think this question needed clarification. In person, I asked
whether my mind would be uploaded into the supercomputer. Kisa said
yes, so that’s what I chose – that computer would essentially be me;
it would be immortal, upgradable, and transferable to robots or
anything else. The meat brain is subject to death and Alzheimer’s.”
Got it right: Marty

 5.      Which would Ron rather do: have dinner at a restaurant where Happy
Birthday is sung repeatedly, including once to him, OR take a 2-hour
car ride with only a particularly annoying acquaintance and no books
or computers for distraction?
RON SAYS: Restaurant
“I guess you might have to know the particular annoying friend Marty
had in mind.”
Got it right: Marty, Pam, Mel

 6.      Barring sore teeth, would Ron rather have cake with no ice cream,
OR ice cream with no cake?
RON SAYS: Ice cream
“Nothing wrong with cake; I just love ice cream.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Pam, Keith, Mel (clean sweep!)

 7.      When Ron eventually flees the US to Canada, will he settle in
Vancouver OR Toronto?
RON SAYS: Vancouver
“I like the West Coast vibe of Vancouver, despite the fact that
Toronto’s a bigger city.”
Got it right: Marty, Kisa, John, Mel

 8.      If Ron couldn’t fly down to visit Pam, would he prefer to take a
train OR a boat?
“Boats seem like the ‘long way around,’ and I’d be more worried about
getting queasy.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Darl, John, Keith, Mel

 9.      If Ron could travel back in time, who would he rather prevent from
having been born: Hitler OR Ronald Reagan?
RON SAYS: Hitler
“Reagan was evil, but Hitler caused orders of magnitude more harm.
It’s arguable that if the US hadn’t gotten into WW2, there would be no
nuclear weapons today.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Pam, Keith, Mel (clean sweep!)

 10.     Would Ron rather convert to Christianity OR Windows?
RON SAYS: Windows
“If I were using Windows, there would be a lot of software I could use
that I can’t use on Linux, including plenty of free, open-source
software. I can’t see any upside to converting to Christianity.”
Got it right: Marty, Kisa, Pam, Keith, Mel

 11.     Would Ron rather be known to have plagiarized OR be plagiarized
himself without credit?
RON SAYS: Be plagiarized
“Someone in Pakistan posted the full text of Mind Performance Hacks on
his blog under his own name, and I was infuriated about it. Still, I
believe plagiarism is wrong, so I wouldn’t want to do it myself. It’s
not a question of my reputation.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Kisa, Darl, Pam, Keith, Mel

 12.     For a whole semester, would Ron rather teach a class for which he
is unprepared OR sit through a class of information he already knows?
RON SAYS: Sit in class
“I’m very bad at public speaking even when I’m prepared, so that
prospect fills me with dread. On the other hand, I have plenty of
tricks to kill time during boring meetings and lectures.”
Got it right: Kisa, Pam, Mel

 13.     If forced, would Ron rather sculpt in bronze OR do fiber art?
“I’d like to learn to crochet Klein bottle hats! Also, working with
bronze is dangerous.”
Got it right: Marty, Darl

 14.     Which chores would Ron rather take over: groceries and cooking OR
driving and dishwashing?
RON SAYS: Groceries and cooking
“My dislike of driving is unbounded, and I’d like to learn to cook
better anyway.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Pam, Mel

 15.     Would Ron rather skip his birthday OR be the only one at Christmas
to get no presents?
RON SAYS: Skip his birthday
“I would feel ostracized at the no-present Christmas, and that would
be too painful. I’d much rather treat my birthday as an ordinary day.”
Got it right: Mer, Darl, Pam, Keith

 16.     Would Ron rather have to say “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr” after
every statement OR only drink Brawndo with Electrolytes?
RON SAYS: Brawndo
“At first, I thought Brawndo would be harmful and you could explain
away the verbal tic as being like Tourette’s, but when I realized
Brawndo is supposed to be Gatorade, it didn’t seem so bad.”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Keith, Mel (clean sweep!)

 17.     Who would Ron rather date: Jon Stewart OR Stephen Colbert?
RON SAYS: Jon Stewart
“Colbert is probably better in bed, but Stewart is probably more
interesting to talk to.”
Got it right: Mer, John

 18.     Which would Ron give up first: Amazon OR Ask Metafilter?
“I’m an Amazon Prime member for a reason! If I didn’t shop Amazon, I’d
have to DRIVE to STORES and deal with PEOPLE!”
Got it right: Marty, Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Pam

 19.     Would Ron rather wear only red and pink OR only plaid?
“At least you could choose a subdued plaid, although having to wear a
plaid shirt and plaid pants is unthinkable.”
Got it right: Marty, Kisa, John, Pam, Keith

 20.     Would Ron rather receive homemade pickles OR homemade jam?
RON SAYS: Pickles
“I love pickles, dill and sweet, of many vegetables, and it’s rare
that I can get them.”
Got it right: Marty, Kisa, John, Keith

 21.     If forced, would Ron rather speak in a fake accent forever OR make
constant spelling mistakes forever?
RON SAYS: Fake accent
“As Keith surmised, I figured I could communicate online and via
e-mail and texting.”
Got it right: Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Pam, Keith, Mel (clean sweep!)

 22.     Would Ron rather have a reputation for being intellectually
challenged OR racist?
RON SAYS: Racist
“Having t
he reputation for being intellectually challenged would make
it hard to maintain credibility as a writer. If I had to actually *be*
one or the other, I’d rather be intellectually challenged.”
Got it right: Kisa, Darl

 23.     Would Ron rather eat the same food every day for a year OR be
required to watch an hour and a half of Fox News every day for a year?
RON SAYS: Fox News
“Fox News would be a novelty, and it might be interesting to dissect
it and even learn from it, but I’m easily bored about food.”
Got it right: Marty, Pam

 24.     Would Ron rather dance everywhere he goes OR have to ask explicit
permission to go to the bathroom, itemizing what he has to do there?
“I would like to arrange my life so that I have to ask permission from
as few people as possible.”
Got it right: Mer, Kisa, Darl, John, Pam, Mel


 Marty 17
Pam 16
Mel 15
Kisa 14
Darl 14
John 14
Mer 13
Keith 12


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