Ronmondo, the wacky "would Ron rather…?" game, part 1

This is a game my loved ones and I played on my birthday this year. Read on.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: M. Hale-Evans
Date: Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 11:51 PM
Subject: Ronmondo
To: (redacted)

As part of the Ronaldmas festivities today, I composed a game for Mer,
Kisa, Ron, and I to play on the theme of Ron. Since we were sad that
you all couldn’t be with us, we thought you might like to play the
game remotely, at least. If you want to play, send me your answers,
and then I’ll compile everyone’s answers and send a report back out.
If you don’t want to play, that’s OK; Ron requested that I send it to
all of you, hoping that you’d at least be amused. :->

 The game, Ronmondo, is based on Zobmondo, the “would you rather” game
(and Scruples, to some extent). Read the questions below and select
the option you think Ron would choose. (Mer & Kisa wrote the first
four questions, and I wrote the rest.)

 1.      Would Ron rather eat a bowl of premium fruity ice cream (such as
strawberry or peach) OR a bowl of cheap chocolate ice cream?

 2.      Would Ron rather work as a full-time author with carte blanche on
what to write and guaranteed publishing, but in a room full of
distracting dorks (without blocking headphones) OR as a high-salaried
Microsoft marketing executive with a private office?

 3.      Would Ron rather be a low-level Army officer OR the assistant
manager of a Mafia-run puppy mill?

 4.      Would Ron rather have his brain replaced by a supercomputer OR have
his brain implanted in the body of a robot?

 5.      Which would Ron rather do: have dinner at a restaurant where Happy
Birthday is sung repeatedly, including once to him, OR take a 2-hour
car ride with only a particularly annoying acquaintance and no books
or computers for distraction?

 6.      Barring sore teeth, would Ron rather have cake with no ice cream,
OR ice cream with no cake?

 7.      When Ron eventually flees the US to Canada, will he settle in
Vancouver OR Toronto?

 8.      If Ron couldn’t fly down to visit Pam, would he prefer to take a
train OR a boat?

 9.      If Ron could travel back in time, who would he rather prevent from
having been born: Adolf Hitler OR Ronald Reagan?

 10.     Would Ron rather convert to Christianity OR Windows?

 11.     Would Ron rather be known to have plagiarized OR be plagiarized
himself without credit?

 12.     For a whole semester, would Ron rather teach a class for which he
is unprepared OR sit through a class of information he already knows?

 13.     If forced, would Ron rather sculpt in bronze OR do fiber art?

 14.     Which chores would Ron rather take over: groceries and cooking OR
driving and dishwashing?

 15.     Would Ron rather skip his birthday OR be the only one at Christmas
to get no presents?

 16.     Would  Ron rather have to say “Brought to you by Carl’s Jr” after
every statement OR only drink Brawndo with Electrolytes?

 17.     Who would Ron rather date: Jon Stewart OR Stephen Colbert?

 18.     Which would Ron give up first: Amazon OR Ask Metafilter?

 19.     Would Ron rather wear only red and pink OR only plaid?

 20.     Would Ron rather receive homemade pickles OR homemade jam?

 21.     If forced, would Ron rather speak in a fake accent forever OR make
constant spelling mistakes forever?

 22.     Would Ron rather have a reputation for being intellectually
challenged OR racist?

 23.     Would Ron rather eat the same food every day for a year OR be
required to watch an hour and a half of Fox News every day for a year?

 24.     Would Ron rather dance everywhere he goes OR have to ask explicit
permission to go to the bathroom, itemizing what he has to do there?


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