My #WikiReader feature wishlist

Here’s my current wishlist for the fabulous WikiReader ( ). All of these can be accomplished with a
software update, so current owners will benefit.

#1, As mentioned, it would be nice to see things like portal pages and
especially the Unusual Articles page ( ) built back in. I can’t
imagine these would increase the database size much.

#2, Add the ability to boldface article text to help with contrast in
low-light situations.

#3, Improve HTML parsing to minimize dropouts like tables and some foreign text.

#4, Add an option to scroll with the hardware buttons rather than with
your fingers and the touchscreen.

That’s it! All fixable in software.

I know WikiReader is open source, and I’d love to get my hands dirty,
but I’m so busy writing the sequel to Mind Performance Hacks ( ) while working full time
with a substantial commute, I barely have any free time. Maybe in a
few months, if these features haven’t already been added…

But even if they aren’t, I still love my WikiReader.


One thought on “My #WikiReader feature wishlist

  1. My wikiReader wishlist:1. long hold search button will clear current "search text"2. press history will go back; long hold history to show history list;3. load wikitionary4. press random to see "document structure tree", ie. h1, h2, h3 so that I could navigate within a long document.Still trying to find my way to hack wikiReader. Should be fun. Alex


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