Brief review of Fantasy Flight edition of Cosmic Encounter & Cosmic Incursion

Briefly, the FF edition of CE not as complete as Eon yet, but in many ways more
carefully thought out (but still founded on Eon, of course). It is a
great pleasure to play with because of the ergonomics and production
values. There are many new powers, and most of them are interesting.
The old powers they include are among the best. There are also some
new optional features like Tech, which adds a Civ-like flavor (haven’t
played this yet). And while IANAP (I am not a parakeet), it’s
gorgeous, and I would say the alien art is actually better than the
original Eon art. Needless to say, it’s light years better yet than
the Mayfair or Avalon Hill art.

Please come play it sometime at Seattle Cosmic Game Night
and see for yourself! I will play this
new edition pretty much any chance I get. I hope you end up buying a
copy; the more gamers who do, the more likely Fantasy Flight will
continue to release awesome expansions.

Recent board and card games (2009) that look mighty interesting

Back in September, I tweeted, “Reading the BoardGameGeek Recent
Additions feed for the first time in many months, and starting to get
excited about gaming again.” Friends on Facebook asked me to
elaborate. I thought I had lost my response until now, when I realized
I could search my Gmail archive for the link to the thread. So here
you go.

Decktet has gained quite a following:
Decktet wiki:

2D Yahtzee looks like novel fluff:

Logic card game:
Looks like more fun than Wff’n’Proof at least, which may be damning
with faint praise.

Polygo game system:

Unpronounceable German game system: