10 new games on the Piecepack Wiki

I’ve added 10 new games to the Games page on the Piecepack Wiki for
your enjoyment.


The first seven games were entries in the Good Portsmanship contest
that neither I nor the games’ authors have ever made public before:

* Croquet for piecepack, by Dan Smith, ports Croquet
* Globular Cluster, by Michael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessow, ports
Tikal (3rd place)
* Human Harvest, by Todd Krause, ports Atta Ants
* Pub sCrawl, by Jonathan Dietrich, ports Senet
* Shopping Mall, by Michael Schoessow and Stephen Schoessow, ports
MarraCash (2nd place)
* Sonic Bio-Mutants in Space!, by Jonathan Dietrich, ports Holiday
* Temple of Gold, by Jorge Arroyo, ports Goldland

I also added the following two games by Sean Anthony Brady. They were
available from his blog, so some people may already be familiar with

* The Royal Feast and the Court Jester
* Welcome to GEM

And the following game’s rules were written directly on the wiki —
and the author, George Harnish, is looking for collaborators — but it
was never added to the Games page. Looks fun! I wonder what other gems
are buried in the wiki…

* Piecepack Conquers the World

I’ve also been playing with duplicating some of the functionality of
the old Category pages with built-in Oddmuse features. For example,
the MechanicSlidingTilesCategory page below is an attempt to restore a
broken page, and the CategoryPortedGame page is brand new. Anyone want
to see more of these?


To get to all the games and pages mentioned above more conveniently,
visit this wiki page:


Finally, general cleanup goes on, and on…


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