Why my glass bead game must move from tables of correspondences to relational databases

I have two projects, Kennexions and GameFrame, that rely heavily on a
data structure called a “table of correspondences”, a concept that
goes back at least as far as the Hermetic magicians of the
Renaissance. Note that I’m *not* interested in the occult any more,
only in how these tables help me generate analogies and metaphors.



When I need a table of correspondences bigger than I can sketch on
paper, I use a spreadsheet like the following one from GameFrame:


But I have so many of these, and they’re getting so tangled,
multidimensional, and hard to manage, that I’m going to have to dump
everything into some kind of relational database management system,
probably one of the free SQLs. But then, at last, we may see some
interesting correspondences and relations come out.

Cheers, Ramon!



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