Chumby woes and salvation

Our newish Chumby One, which was doing duty as an alarm clock, is
suffering some kind of hardware failure. We’ve had to draft our old
beanbag Chumby from the living room again while we figure out how to
get the new one repaired.

We really like the convenience of the hardware volume knob on the
Chumby One, which was a gift from a friend, but the sound on the old
beanbag Chumby is strikingly better than that on the new one (stereo
vs. mono) and even than my netbook, so I’m thinking we should keep the
old one in the bedroom for falling asleep and waking to music. Then we
can leave the old one downstairs, where we have lousy radio reception
in many rooms, and I’m always looking for a portable device on which
to listen to NPR and the BBC. The Chumby One can do that handily,
because it has a battery, which the perforce stationary beanbag Chumby

So if you’re thinking of buying a Chumby, ask yourself what you want
it for. Portability and convenience? You want the Chumby One.
Listening to music with decent audio quality? Spend a bit more on the
beanbag model.


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