Programmer’s Nightmare at the Island of Misfit Games

Programmer’s Nightmare was the first game we played at the first
Island of Misfit Games last month. It worked rather well! Most people
said they would play it again, and some were quite enthusiastic.

I agree with most of the brief review below, especially “interestingly
unpredictable, but long term strategy is still possible”.


Programmer’s Nightmare
Innovative Tom Jolly-designed game in which the players use cards
representing computer instructions to create something resembling a
computer program, but with the important different that players have
controlling interests in particular cards. These interests control
whether the instructions execute or not when the program counter
reaches them. Various wild effects make matters interestingly
unpredictable, but long term strategy is still possible. Downside is
the rather simple presentation, some ambiguity in the rules for some
of the cards and above all, the regrettable artifact that some players
are eliminated (when they run out of bits or life points) quite some
time before the game ends. [6-player Games] [Jolly Games]


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