New game system: the Kilodeck, or Deck of a Thousand Cards

I’ve created a new card game system called the Kilodeck, or Deck of a
Thousand Cards. I plan to include
a PDF of the 1000-card (really 1024-card) deck as a “feelie” with my
interactive fiction, Symbol Chess.

Here is a link to the first version. The first page explains the deck
in more detail.

The deck is broken into 16 64-card subdecks. Within each subdeck, all
cards have the same background and borders. Thus, if you don’t want to
print out a 128-page document and cut out 1,024 cards for a
10-dimensional game system, it’s easy enough to pick out a subdeck you
like for a 64-card, 6-dimensional game system.

The deck was created with nanDECK in about two days. Please note that
although the cards are 2.5×3.5″, the page size is A4, not letter.

Any questions, please fire away.


Ron H-E