Welcome to the macrosphere


When Wiley asked us to consider blogging on our Amazon author pages
about _Mindhacker_, and Amazon suggested connecting a blog I already
have, I regretted that I didn’t have one. However, after a little
thought, I realized I do, at <http://rwhe.posterous.com/>, which you’re
now reading. I’m used to thinking of it merely as an adjunct to my
microblogging activities (Identi.ca, Twitter, Facebook, Google+,
Google Buzz) — someplace to stash a post that’s too long for a tweet
but too short for a full webpage. Over the past couple of years,
though, this macroblog has accumulated some 50 posts simply from my
CCing my email here occasionally, so why not continue?

If you like my writing, I invite you to check out these archives of my
earlier blogs:

RWHE Having Fun Yet? (later) :


Ron’s Info-Closet Annex (earlier) :



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