Come sprint with me at 24-Hour Comics Day 2011!

24-Hour Comics Day 2011 is October 1st, and I’m hoping to participate.
In addition to “ratcheting” or piling up creative work little by
little (Mindhacker Hack 35), we had hoped to include in the book a
complementary creativity hack about “sprinting”, or creating something
big in one long crazy session. Unfortunately, I missed 24-Hour Comics
Day last year, and therefore a major opportunity for research.
However, this year I plan to do it, book or no book!

Won’t you join me? doesn’t list any
locations at all yet, let alone any in Seattle, but you know it’s
bound to happen here if anywhere. And if you’re participating but live
somewhere else, I’d still like to hear from you at


One thought on “Come sprint with me at 24-Hour Comics Day 2011!

  1. I can’t draw well either, but you don’t really need to. I am (partly re-)reading Scott McCloud’s book Making Comics, which is an excellent basic how-to in the form of a graphic novel, and also very entertaining. He will tell you that if you can draw stick figures, you can write and draw comics.I am thinking Lakewood. I haven’t been to the venue, but unless it’s a total pit, I’d like to stick close to home. I’m going to check it out, and they say they’ve gotten local Best-Of awards five years running, so I’m somewhat optimistic. If there were an event in Seattle itself, I’d be more inclined to go there, because there would probably be more happening, but as far as I can see, there isn’t.


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