24-Hour Comics Day in Seattle! (in Lakewood!) #24hcd

Today I visited one of the only Seattle-area venues for 24-Hour Comics
Day 2011 (http://www.24hourcomicsday.com/): Comic
Book Ink (http://www.comicbookink.com/). It’s actually in Lakewood,
which is south of Tacoma.

I’m happy to report it’s a big, clean, brightly-lit store. It has
about eight giant tables, which is great, because last year they had
about a dozen attendees for 24HCD, and it was only the first year in
their new location, thus they expect more this year, or so I was told
by Alex, the extremely friendly staff member on hand.

They do have wifi, so bring your laptop if you need reference
material. I am told there is also a bar in the same plaza if you need
some liquid inspiration at 1 AM on the day.

Lakewood has a reputation for being scary, but the plaza itself could
hardly have been more boring and suburban when I visited it. There is
a big wig shop with a giant WIGS sign, so I guess there’s that, and
it’s a good landmark.

While I was there, I bought copies of the inch-and-a-half-thick Too
Much Coffee Man Omnibus (because too much is never enough) and Star
Trek: Expeditions, the recent cooperative game by Reiner Knizia, based
on the 2009 movie. Support your local comics shop!


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