This is what I mean by my warmups for 24-Hour Comics Day making less sense than Zap Comix #24hcd


This little doodle might be accessible to you if you’ve been following
along with my efforts to combine the fourth dimension with the Glass
Bead Game in my interactive fiction in progress, Symbol Chess. On the
other hand, if even what I just said doesn’t make sense to you,
perhaps not.

The rules say you can’t prepare for the event directly
( The whole work must be created at
the event. And so for the last day or so I’ve been decreasingly
confident I can spin out a plotline or something like one for 24 pages
in 24 hours this weekend. But just now I’ve been letting myself range
freely in my imagination over the space of possibilities, and I’m
feeling a bit more certain I can find some form or genre I can sustain
for a whole comic, without resorting to a wretched “coffeeshop
autobiography” (you know what I mean, right?).

Wish me luck. If I’m stuck, or way ahead, I may blog from the event.


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