My pandimensional 24-hour comic is now online #24hcd

I’m making available my comic from 24-Hour Comics Day 2011
( ), which I wrote and drew myself per
the rules of the event, and finished at 4:00 this morning (with six
hours to spare). It’s called “Inaction Comics No. 1”, starring Kevin
Goodguy, Pandimensional Gourmet/Gourmand. (The slash is important.)

I have created an expurgated version and an unexpurgated version. They
differ in only the first page.

[edit: new unified version]

(This unified edition keeps the “icky” first page that’s so different
from the rest of the comic, but adds a little foreword talking about
what my intent was, and why now I’m not so happy about this “splash”

Although I will release a printable version soon, right now you will
need a comic book viewer application to read it. Try or .

Although my standards can’t be high for a 24-page comic I dashed off
in 18 hours, I’d love to hear how you like this effort. Warning: it’s
heavy on philosophical humor and science fictional in-jokes, so might
not be to your taste. But it might! And if there’s a possible world
where you like this comic, then Kevin Goodguy can find it.

Many thanks to Comic Book Ink of Lakewood, WA
( ) for hosting the event locally and
fending off the Magic and HeroClix players to a reasonable degree!


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