Designing the game of my personal canon

I’m not reading as many books as I had planned off my list of those I
must read before I die.

Of the 50 books I’ve read so far this year, only 19 of them were on
the plan, and frankly, many of them were books I had just heard of and
added to the plan so I could check them off. (They were definitely
worth reading, of course.)

So I don’t think I’ll keep a Must Read List anymore. I’ll make a Worth
Reading List (that’s pretty much the same list), and just one rule:

I need not read every book on my list, but at least half the books I
read must come from it.

Perhaps, as my wife Marty suggests, I can treat this as an exercise in
game design, and judiciously add (or remove) another rule or two to
shape my behavior in the future.


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