*Printable* pandimensional PDF of 24-hour comic now available #24hcd

I just made available a printable PDF of my 24-hour comic, “Inaction
Comics No. 1: Kevin Goodguy, Pandimensional Gourmet/Gourmand in ‘Good
Taste, Bad Posture’.”


Print it duplex and portrait, then fold the resulting stack down the
middle (you’ll see — it’s obvious), and you’ll have a little
funnybook with the pages in the right order. Stapling it will require
a long-armed stapler — sorry.

Please note the comic is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license.

Marty comments that the balloons on page 1 should read, not “Uh, uh!”
and “Uh, uh!”, but “Uh, uh!” and “Uh, oh!” I’m not changing anything
— the comic was done by the 24-hour deadline and that’s that — but
I’m sure that’s how the edition of this comic that was printed in
Heaven has it.


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