I feel like Kramer in the Seinfeld episode “The Contest”: “I’m out.”
I’m going to have to withdraw from National Novel-Writing Month
(NaNoWriMo) before it’s begun.

After having my second book published ( ), then
successfully completing 24-Hour Comics Day on October 1, I felt as
though I could do almost anything creative I decided to if it had a
time limit ( ). A couple of weeks later, I decided
to google the infamous NaNoWriMo and see when it started this year,
which happened to be — a couple of weeks later, November 1.

I didn’t have much time to get ready, and I still thought of my entry
in the contest as provisional until a few days ago, when I started
taking it more seriously. I decided to write a novel-length story
about Kevin Goodguy, the dimension-hopping “gourmet/gourmand” from my

Within a couple of days, my job suddenly quadrupled in complexity.
That’s just an estimate, because this new phase hasn’t quite begun,
and we’re still costing personnel and counting hours, but it’s going
to require more of my attention more of the day, learning new
technologies, and possibly some overtime. The kicker? It’s pretty much
just for the month of November.

People say that as soon as NaNoWriMo starts, life will throw
everything it has at you, but I think that’s superstitious weak tea.
If I really believed in providence, I might redouble my efforts to
prepare for the contest. But I don’t, and it seems foolish to both
potentially damage my reputation at work, and almost certainly fail at

It’s a pity, because I was more than half-planning to use the NaNo
experience as research for my next book, but there’s always 2012, and
I can still work NaNo in if I plan carefully.


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