PSEUDO National Novel-Writing Month in April 2012

I’m looking forward to writing a novel in April, because I missed
November NaNoWriMo, as I explained earlier.

April is a good month for PseudoNaNoWriMo (as we’re calling it) — not
too far away, about halfway across the year from November, and it’s
got the same number of days (30) — as not many months do. We will all
ignore the insidious sunshine and fresh air, and stay in to write our
50,000 words!

PseudoNaNo is the brainchild of my friend Elizabeth Grigg, who saw me
blogging about missing NaNo and asked if I’d be interested in writing
my novel some other month with her and her friends. After some
discussion, April became the obvious choice. For example, we didn’t
have time to prepare for December, which is too busy for most people
anyway. January is still cutting it a bit close, February is way too
short, and so on through October, which is the month before NaNo, so
what’s the point? April is the Goldilocks month.

PseudoNaNo has a Google Group and a Facebook page at the following
respective URLs.!forum/pseudonano

The group is for writers only, but the Facebook page is for writers
and supporters (friends and family, bookies, etc.).

Would you please subscribe to, like, etc. these resources, and begin
talking on them and talking up our project to like-minders, even if it
seems a little early? April comes but once a year, and if you have a
little physics, you’ll know it’s approaching us at light speed.


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