Why I may be two degrees of separation from Julian Assange fnord

I was writing some Monte Carlo analysis software for the Alpha Word Game System tonight (Tim Schutz wants to maximize the word-making capability of AlphaDice) and I learned that there's a pretty good command-line anagram generator for GNU/Linux already. Even better, I can point it at a custom dictionary like SOWPODS.

So I was reading the documentation (a man page) of 'an', the anagram generator, and I found it lists Julian Assange as one of the two coauthors . A quick search on his then-email address, proff@suburbia.net, shows that he was poking around the Cypherpunks lists et alia discussing occult knowledge related to password cracking, so his interest in anagrams makes perfect sense.

To justify the title of this post, I'll point out that 'an' was written for the Free Software Foundation, and I used to know a few people in that org, meeting and corresponding (briefly) with Richard Stallman, among others. That's no big deal, surely; lots of people know those folks. But it feels cool to "bump into" Assange in this way.

I realise that googlably claiming to be an acquaintance of an acquaintance of Julian Assange is possibly painting a bullseye on what Finnegans Wake would call my "big whide harse," so please don't throw me in a secret prison. For all that, I really admire Assange's work with Wikileaks, nyah.


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