In 1990, nanotech and "magick" would solve EVERYTHING.

Digitized at last — as one day I still hope to be! Please enjoy and/or excuse these excesses of my youth, the zine Singularity, issues 1-4 (1989-1993).

Singularity was a contemporary of the hardcopy zine bOING bOING (yes, that one), with whom we traded frequently, as was the quaint custom of the times. Most of our articles were "sharerighted" with a proto-Creative Commons license.

Thanks to our contributors over the years, including Marty Hale-Evans, Jay O'Connell, Tycerium, Matt Wall, Stuart Moulthrop, John McDaid, Peter Breton, Art Delano, Glenn Grant, Diane Thome, Moses Klein, Walter Scott, H. Keith Henson, Arel Lucas, Eric Klien, Mark Plus, James "Kibo" Parry, and my numerous alter egos.

Thanks also to 1dollarscan (n, not m) for such a beautiful scanning job. Now I can recycle the rest of these babies and get them out of my garage.


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