Rubberducking with Benjamin Franklin


As an early birthday present, my wife Marty got me a Benjamin Franklin action figure, which I have been using for rubber duck debugging my writing.

Turns out ol’ Ben is a good listener. Has a lot of good advice too. “Wise sayings,” he calls ’em. Just complaining and explaining to Ben that I don’t have a complete top-down structure for my book yet focused my wobbly gray matter to the point that I was able to generate two pages of notes on the topic.

I prefer Ben Franklin to a rubber duck for such exercises. My reasons are manifold. I have fond childhood memories of the episodes of Bewitched where they brought Ben into the Twentieth Century. In fact, during his life he said he wanted to be kept in a cask and awoken every hundred years or so after his death to be shown all the new stuff that had happened. Thus, I feel that as a magical time traveling proto-transhumanist, he would appreciate some of the games I’m writing about.

I need to find the time to create a page for this hack on the Mentat Wiki. Or you go ahead.

2 thoughts on “Rubberducking with Benjamin Franklin

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  2. I need to get the appropriate icon. The only action figure I have at the moment is Darkseid. Don’t ask me why. My petty complaints and genre fiction doesn’t fit into his master plan, at all. I will just annoy him and he’ll bellow at me.

    My darkside has a replaceable hand with a golden guantlet with gun barrel fingers, which I guess is what Marvel ripped off to produce the infinity gauntlet whey the ripped of Darkseid to make Thanos.

    Darkseid can shoot Omega Rays that can go throughout all space time and kill anything. He chooses not to use them to kill all his enemies because that wouldn’t be sporting… I think. Would I be sufficiently irritating to generate Omega rays? Hm.


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