Somebody hand me a water bottle

I just crossed the 25,000-word line in the marathon to complete my little book about the highly ludic planet Loka and the games they play there. Note to the cheering multitudes of onlookers: 25,000 words is half a short novel. Although my book is not a novel, 50,000 words is what I’ve been aiming for — but I won’t beat myself up if I overshoot that milestone by a few thousands or tens of thousands of words.

Yeah, so my text editor tells me I’m at 25,195 words. Today I wrote a couple of new games called X-Ray Replay and Double or Fuck Me (not nearly as dirty as they sound), both of which are connected with the much more dry-sounding (but actually quite interesting) real-life philosophical school of Object-Oriented Ontology, which asks, “What does your TV really think of you?” (And remember, you can’t have dirty without dry.)

I also added material to a couple of other fictional games, Mars Shot and High Bluff. I’ll be reading some “game reviews” aloud tomorrow and requesting feedback from EGGS, Experimental Game Genesis of Seattle, a local game design group I helped found (if I can squeeze into the schedule). Who better to give feedback on fictional games than real game designers and playtesters?

Finally, I’m writing partially for charity. I’d be writing anyway, but people who’d like to encourage me — and it really does encourage me — can sponsor me in the Write-a-thon for Clarion West, a venerable science fiction writing workshop here in Seattle that has given many successful SF writers a solid start. Note that I’m not attending Clarion West; I’m writing like mad and gesturing at those cheering multitudes to throw money at Clarion as I pass.

You don’t have to wait until the six weeks of the Write-a-thon are over. You can pay right now. So please do.


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