A Day Against DRM


I hate DRM. It prevents you from copying things, and copying things is almost always good, unless you’re a polio virus. I want to be able to copy my own files legally from device to device, especially as the media age, and I want to be able to share files legally, especially ebooks, with my friends.

Today, the Free Software Foundation (my heroes) is sponsoring an International Day Against DRM because

This is a critical moment in the fight against DRM. A proposal currently being considered by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) would weave DRM into HTML5 — in other words, into the very fabric of the Web… Giants like Netflix, Google, Microsoft, and the BBC are all rallying behind this disastrous proposal, which flies in the face of the W3C’s mission to “lead the World Wide Web to its full potential.”

One reason I’m pleased that geek institution O’Reilly Media publishes Mind Performance Hacks is that their books are sold without DRM. O’Reilly is also celebrating the Day Against DRM, and MPH is one of many O’Reilly books on sale for 50% off or more today, making it a good day to buy a DRM-free ebook.

One more thing: You might also want to look at MPH’s lesser-known companion volume, Mindhacker. It’s from another publisher, Wiley, and the ebook version does have DRM — we can’t do anything about that — but we think it’s as good in its own way as Mind Performance Hacks.

Death to DRM!

p.s. I guess in my haste to post this by midnight of the Day, I forgot to clarify how important it is to me that my readers are able to share my books too. Period.