Twelve-Minute Comics presents… (of #24HCD interest)

In preparation for 24-Hour Comics Day
( ), on the advice of people who’ve been
there, I attempted to draw a single page of comics tonight as fast as
I could, which turned out to be 12 minutes. Since you’re supposed to
draw 24 pages in 24 hours, I feel more confident now.

Sure, it’s a little stream-of-consciousness, but a lot of 24-Hour
Comics end up that way. What can you do in one page anyway? I have
some inklings of plotlines for my 24-pager.

Tools used:

* Half a letter-sized page from my catch (all-purpose notebook that
goes everywhere with me) — don’t try to decipher my notes from the
other side!
* Four-color Bic ballpoint pen
* Ubuntu netbook
* Wikipedia
* Oblique Strategies:
* Not a thought in my head when I started

What do you think? Does it bode well? It made my wife Marty laugh, so I’m inclined to think it has some entertainment value. I detect a Crumb influence myself, which surprises me.


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