Come sprint with me at 24-Hour Comics Day 2011!

24-Hour Comics Day 2011 is October 1st, and I’m hoping to participate.
In addition to “ratcheting” or piling up creative work little by
little (Mindhacker Hack 35), we had hoped to include in the book a
complementary creativity hack about “sprinting”, or creating something
big in one long crazy session. Unfortunately, I missed 24-Hour Comics
Day last year, and therefore a major opportunity for research.
However, this year I plan to do it, book or no book!

Won’t you join me? doesn’t list any
locations at all yet, let alone any in Seattle, but you know it’s
bound to happen here if anywhere. And if you’re participating but live
somewhere else, I’d still like to hear from you at

Welcome to the macrosphere


When Wiley asked us to consider blogging on our Amazon author pages
about _Mindhacker_, and Amazon suggested connecting a blog I already
have, I regretted that I didn’t have one. However, after a little
thought, I realized I do, at <>, which you’re
now reading. I’m used to thinking of it merely as an adjunct to my
microblogging activities (, Twitter, Facebook, Google+,
Google Buzz) — someplace to stash a post that’s too long for a tweet
but too short for a full webpage. Over the past couple of years,
though, this macroblog has accumulated some 50 posts simply from my
CCing my email here occasionally, so why not continue?

If you like my writing, I invite you to check out these archives of my
earlier blogs:

RWHE Having Fun Yet? (later) :

Ron’s Info-Closet Annex (earlier) :

Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran seems to have superb taste in science fiction…

Of the three novels mentioned,

1. I just read Embassytown and loved it.

2. I recently tried reading Quantum Thief with every expectation of
having my socks knocked off. They remained on, but I’m circling in for
another try.

3. I think the author means Transition, not Transmission, but in any
case, I have read a number of Banks’s books with great pleasure. For
example, The Player of Games is one of my favorite books, full stop.

Summary: Simon Le Bon is apparently not a lightweight. He is reading
hardcore conceptual SF with a lefty spin. The only thing that would
impress me more is if he had just finished Greg Egan’s latest novel,
The Clockwork Rocket.

By the way, the article doesn’t link to Le Bon’s blog or wherever this
information is supposedly coming from, which makes me slightly suspect
it’s a joke. Can anyone track this down or otherwise confirm?


OK, I found Le Bon’s original post. Google was just swamped with mirrors of the io9 post. Enjoy!…